484786_10153440187855010_2008784709_nI hate talking about myself. Really I do. But since you are reading this blog, you’ll want to know a little something about its author.

I want to tell you who I am.

I started Freeing Faith because I felt God calling me to share my life and experiences in a transparent and candid way. He continually calls me to put myself, my marriage and my faith walk on display for people to see. It’s not to show people how wonderful my life is but rather, to show people how God works in flawed, imperfect, fragile people like me.

Right now, I am a stay at home mom and wife. I have a husband who makes my world worthwhile and 2 amazing kids who keep me marveling at the simple things. Everyday I take pleasure in the beauty of a life lived in the company of those I love most; Wouter, Makaio and Mikayla. Yes, there are many moments of frustration and impatience as I raise my two kids and support my husband’s journey through school but hey, I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be.

My past is colorful. I lived life without restraint until I became a committed believer at 19ish when I’d had enough of the world and its drama. After that, I followed the path the Lord put before me. I became an English teacher at 21ish, a missionary at 23ish, a Study Abroad advisor at 26ish, a wife at 27ish and a stay at home mom at 30ish!

In the fall, Wouter and I are moving our family to Denver, Colorado! We will be studying together at Denver Seminary. We hope to become Counselors specializing in marriage and family life and also working with one of the largest unreached people groups in the United States: college and career aged young adults.

For now though, I’m keeping my passion for writing alive. Maybe one day I’ll be an author! If not, that’s ok…just let me touch one or two lives on this journey!

My husband Wouter and I met overseas while we were missionaries on a ship called the MV Doulos. Together, we’ve worked in over 30 countries, lived in three states (New York, Hawaii and Illinois) and rented 9 apartments in just 8 years of marriage! Consistency is a luxury we know nothing about! We laugh at the fact that Wouter is earning a BA degree at 32 years old, we have two little kids to support, less money in the bank than ever before but are the happiest we have ever been! God is so faithful to us!

I can’t say I have any kind of spiritual authority by which I write this blog. I have only day to day life with God and a big vision to write my life out and tell the world that, hey, it’s ok to be real. It’s ok to be honest… God knows it all anyway and, truthfully, most people don’t judge someone who’s exposing their imperfections!

I call this blog Freeing Faith because there are so many things that inhibit me in my walk with God. I envision myself breaking free and radically pursuing all that God has for me in this life!

Join me on my journey!


One Response to Me

  1. Delilah DeJesus says:

    I can’t wait until you write a book your writting and storries captivate me your a great writter keep pursuing your passion


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