Living Scripture: Bear a Burden, Share a Burden

“Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

I am convinced that unless I am intentional about nurturing my willingness to be transparent and vulnerable with others, all of my relationships in this life will either stagnate or expire. Without intimate human connection,  I will, in many ways, remain a stranger to those God has placed in my path.

I am surprised by my capacity to keep secrets.

In the absence of personal disclosure, the vulnerable transparency that gives shape and depth to human connections is smothered. Though vulnerability is uncomfortable and most times undesirable to the flesh, it is the very fiber of relationship. Without it, one risks becoming a rigid fortress of solitude. With it, one becomes a humble oasis of comfort for others.

God’s heart for His people, as He has stated in today’s scripture, is reciprocal admission and relational mutuality. He says that this type of exchange fulfills his law.

Sadly, personal defenses instinctually rise in the presence of connecting encounters. It seems as though we are all equipped with many weapons to guard, defend and preserve our inner selves. The walls we construct are erected high and allowing them to fall or become unguarded is to literally risk invasion. Yes, defenses can actually be harmful; keeping me protected even from things that feed my soul.

Why am I so afraid to be invaded, anyway? Because there are parts of me, that for reasons I do not fully understand, I consider ugly, unlovable, unworthy…shameful. Parts of me that I dread exposing for fear of rejection and ridicule.

The truth in all of this is one that needs to permeate our beings: God sees me (you), dark, indecent places  and all. He accepts me, embraces me. I am enough. I do not need validation from others. Rejection by the world does not deem me unworthy. I do not need praise, popularity, credentials or success.

I just need to love God and be real. I just want you to love God and be you so that I don’t feel alone and inferior. Maybe we can meet somewhere below the surface.

We can bear one another’s burdens, enjoy life giving connection and thus fulfill the law of Christ.

Reflection question: Recall a time when you felt deeply connected to another person. What  was that like? What were you aware of and what holds you back from trying to recreate that connection with other fellow believers?


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2 Responses to Living Scripture: Bear a Burden, Share a Burden

  1. Delilah DeJesus says:

    as always i enjoy all of your posts and miss you dearly. I am glad to see how God is using you to inspire others . you continue to inspire me and make me want to go deeper in God’s word. May the Lord continue to guide lead provide and protect for you and your family love ya


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