Why My Marriage is Divine!

4113e33edf86d1172250c3372e24a599Marriage is hard but its also amazing. I love when my husband tries to make me a better person by constructively commenting on my cooking and driving. No but really…I’ve been blessed by my marriage in many ways hidden to most others. Read my most recent article; a favorite of mine…

“The grandeur of the calling of marriage leaves me speechless and I aspire to live it well! I wish I could pack all its wonder and mystery into a neat little box, contain it and give it an encyclopedic definition. But that’ll never happen because marriage is too big, too diamond-like and too manifold to be contained in anything with parameters. Marriage is an animate thing forever growing, always deepening, never dormant. Therein lies its beauty!”

Read more here…

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One Response to Why My Marriage is Divine!

  1. Lisa Orvis says:

    love it Jen


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